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Great Valentines Gift, or just as a treat for yourself or your man.

Vibrating Male Masturbator, Vibrating Blow Job Vibrator & Sex enhancement tool.

Monkey Spanker Vibro £17.99

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I'd been considering this for myself for a while and while.
All I can say is this really surprised me. The quality of the toy is of very high quality and the results the item give are amazing!

As soon as I received the item I had to have a go. As others have said, the vibrations are very subtle and I guess it depends how sensitive you are how much you feel them. Personally I like them. For such a simple toy it gives great results and I had a couple of fantastic orgasms.

If you watch porn you should have one of these. As you're not physically holding your cock it tricks your brain into thinking that someone is actually on it, you end up moving in time with the action on screen and you feel like your doing the girls. It's ace. A very happy and exhausted customer.

As soon as my OH came home I had to test it with a blowjob, which she seemed very happy to try too. Again it added a different feeling to the whole thing and got me worked up into a frenzy. My OH like using it on me as well, saying that she could put more of me in her mouth while still giving me a hand job.

This is easily one of the best male toys I have tried and for the price it is a bargain. I would not use this all the time but if you fancy a different sensation while masturbating (or for foreplay) make sure you have this at the ready.9.5/10. I'm a very happy man :D

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Key Features

• 1 Real Feel™ vibrating masturbator/stroker for men.

• 2 The unique way the Monkey Spanker holds your penis and works the head it will give you one of the best      
     orgasms of your life.

• 3 Have sex with your partner through the Monkey Spanker to add extra tightness & vibrations to sex.

• 4 Great porn companion. As you're not holding your penis you feel like your activly envolved in the action. Try   it and if you're not 100% convinced we will give you your money back. If you watch porn you should have one.

• 5 Use during a Blow Job.

• 6 Discreet and easy to store.

• 7 Easy to clean & travel friendly for the businessman away from home.

• 8 Use as a Jelqing tool to help increase your penis size. See this link

• 9 Use to fix and heal discolouration caused by some penis pumps if used too enthusiastically Link

• 10 Made from 100% medical grade material in the UK

• 11 Its fun and will make you come hard.

The Monkey Spanker Vibrator is a simple but very effective tool for spanking your monkey. Based on an innovative, patented diaphragm design, the Monkey Spanker forms a vibrating tube as it wraps around your penis. The super soft stretchy pad is made from a highly specialised medical grade real feel™ material and has been designed to emulate the softness of a woman. Monkey Spankers feel much better than hand or blow jobs and produce very intense and extremely satisfying orgasms only usually the reserve of very loving or extremely hot sex.

The Monkey Spanker gets you off in a unique way. It doesn't really compare to normal sex or masturbation, its it's own unique experience. Most people master the Monkey Spanker first go while others take a few attempts but once mastered get ready for some of the best orgasams of your life. Always use with a good quality water based lube like Liquid Silk with the Monkey Spanker. The Monkey Spanker will also keep your cock in peak condition like a gym workout for your best friend. The Monkey Spanker acts like a moving cockring that massages and pumps your penis full of blood similar to a penis pump making it as full as it can be. With regular use you will always get a very full hard erection during arousal even when not using the Monkey Spanker, as your penis will get used to the extra stretching it has had to do to accommodate the extra blood.
The Monkey Spanker is the most fun way of making the most of your penis.

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Monkey Spanker®
Vibrating masturbator for men, foreplay toy and couples sex tool, Monkey Spanker Vibrator is an amazingly innovative tool for spanking the monkey. Based on a diaphragm design, Monkey Spanker forms a vibrating tube around your dick when in use. The super soft stretchy pad is made from a highly specialised medical grade material and has been designed to emulate a woman's soft loveliness. Monkey Spankers are really good fun, feel better than both hand and blow jobs and can produce an intense and extremely satisfying orgasm in no time.